Autophoretic Coating

No electron charge, no “Faraday Cage” effect
Autophoretic® coating is a water immersion process that coats everything it wets. Because it is a chemical autodeposition, not an electrical process, there is no “Faraday Cage” effect. There are no bald spots that electron charges create. Autophoretic® coatings protect even the most intricate parts, inside and out simply by immersing them. The process forms a uniform film over the entire surface – even in difficult to reach areas such as the inside of pipes.

Coat parts, subassemblies and assemblies
Our coating technology submerges individual parts or completed assemblies, so it can be used to protect assemblies with non-ferrous components. Plastic and rubber are not coated and not effected. The 11-step operation cleans and finishes the parts and cures them in the oven at the end of the process. Parts can then be powder coated or top coated with other processes.

Henkel’s Autophoretic® brand epoxy resin-based coatings are used globally in automotive and general industrial metal coating applications.